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Par Javier garcia, le 20.10.2016

Lars von Trier is much more than a film maker. He has managed to become a character himself, and be recognized not just for his work. Constant provocation and certain obsessions have contributed in creating an iconic figure difficult to ignore.

This book is not a biography. This book is not a filmography. It tries to explore the mind of Lars von Trier and give a multiple perspective around him. It digs into his influences in different moments of his life, how he made his most iconic movies, and what other important people felt when working with him.

The book is divided in two parts, before and after Dogme 95, which is one of his biggest provocations. Each part has four chapters regarding an obsession or issue that is important to him and one of his movies. Each chapter has three parts, one about him in that moment, one about the movie, and an interview with someone who had worked with him at the time.

Project developed during the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects at ELISAVA School of Design (Barcelona), under the direction of Josep Román (Affaire Studio). This is a non-commercial project.

All content belongs to the authors.

Project done with Jorge García

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